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Online communities facilitate an ongoing conversation with your customers, putting them at the heart of everything you do and empowering your business.

Harris Interactive communities combine award winning full-service research design and category expertise with best-in-class community platform technology, real-time reporting and global respondent access panels.  All seamlessly and efficiently implemented and managed under one-roof.

This gives you the speed, ease and cost effectiveness of your own real-time research platform and the expertise, value and impact of a full-service research partner.

Working smarter, delivering more

Our communities work smarter and harder for you.  We provide the thinking, guidance and tools to optimise your research activities and extract critical insights at the speed your business demands.
Your needs drive our approach, whether it’s the look, feel and functionality of the community site, the planning and prioritisation of initiatives, blending multiple data sources or delivering custom analysis.

Building beyond community data

We help you cut through the wealth of data communities generate by developing deeper contextual understanding, richer insights and clearer guidance.

Deep respondent profiling and market mapping, granular analysis and competitive benchmarking provides a more consistent and clear view across all your community research activities.
So you can understand whether and how your products, services or potential initiatives meet market needs, compete, strengthen your brand position and deliver on your business goals.
And we can advise you on what action to take to address any challenges.

A name you can trust

Harris Interactive is built on a rich heritage, leading edge solutions, state-of the art technology:

  • Award winning full service research heritage and category expertise
  • Pioneer of online panels and communities since the early 2000’s
  • Over 150 online communities around the world on our technology platform
  • Comprehensive community implementation and management infrastructure
  • Global respondent access panels
  • All under one roof!
Harris Interactive Communities: Deeper Richer Clearer Now

Latest Video

  • Introducing Harris PopUP Communities
    Introducing Harris PopUP Communities
    Recorded Live - 28th June 2017 at the Soho Hotel, London, we present why we developed the Harris PopUP Communities solution, and how you can PopUP a short term community extremely quickly and use it to discover and drive detailed insights, engaging your participants with dynamic live chats and integrated short surveys seamlessly.
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Communities Infographics

  • Online Communities Infographicimage

    The tools and solutions you need to understand tomorrow blend award winning research and category expertise, best-in-class technology and flexible custom approaches.

  • Daily Routine Infographicimage

    We found from a recent survey of 562 men and women from around the UK, that nearly two-thirds felt there was more pressure in recent years to look good, and not surprisingly this was most strongly felt by women and those in the younger age groups (18-34 yrs).

  • Driverless Cars Infographicimage

    We recently asked members of Harris Interactive’s online community, Your.Views, for their thoughts and feedback around driverless cars. Infographic here...


  • Jack Lee
    Head of Online Communities
    Jack joined Harris in 2018 as Head of Online Communities, and is responsible for developing Online Communities across all of Harris Interactive’s sectors. Jack brings 9 years of industry experience, having previously worked at MindMover, Verve and Research Now. Jack’s main area of expertise is in ensuring online insight communities are adding value to clients. His key achievements include launching a high-value, multi-market, multi-language Pan-European community for a major international electronics retailer, as well as setting up and recruiting for one of the largest insight communities ever for a US pharmacy retail brand and building out a North American operations team to service the client. Besides online communities, Jack has strong experience in DIY research products, team management and online project management, and has worked with clients from wide-ranging sectors, from telecommunications, retail, IT, financial services and healthcare.
  • Peter Cooke
    Head of Digital
    Pete has over 20 years b2c and b2b international custom market research experience, spanning a wide range of market sectors and topics.  He has worked with Harris Interactive for 15 years, in a number of senior roles including Account Director, Head of UK Business Development, Head of Tech, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment (TMTE). and, currently, serves as Head of Digital and is part of the UK Senior Management Team. He is responsible for all aspects of developing Harris Interactive’s Digital Business across all sectors, coupling the best research thinking, category expertise and technology to meet the increasing demand for flexible, full-service, real-time research.

What our clients say

  • “We partnered with Harris Interactive to gather market and customer insight to feed into new product concepts. We had some tight deadlines - the speed at which the Harris team were able to turn the whole project around was phenomenal. They helped us pull together a survey, using their expertise in the topic to advise us on language and gave us access to their analytics tool as well as providing a write up. The tool is straight forward to use and very powerful – giving you the ability to cut the data how you need in a matter of seconds. The team were extremely flexible, we were testing and iterating concepts as we were going and they moderated the community really well to ensure we got the answers we need. The findings of the research gave us a clear direction for the products we were testing.Alice from SparksGrove (working on behalf of a media client)

  • The study we set up with Harris six years ago has grown into one of the most valuable and actually used pieces of research we run.  The Harris team has supported us strongly on everything from data analysis to training and delivery of strategic insights.

Further information

  • PopUP Communitiesimage

    PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive allow you to launch projects within hours, designed and moderated by research experts, tapping directly into our global panel and bringing you engaging output to share instantly with your key decision makers.

  • Harris Interactive Online Communitiesimage

    Online communities facilitate an ongoing conversation with your customers, putting them at the heart of everything you do.

  • Understand, communicate and engage with your donorsimage

    There are a number of areas where charities can benefit from using an online research community to understand their donors better and stay ahead of what’s next.

Case Studies

Hilton Community

Communities are the perfect solution for engaged research with your target audience, but it is critical to ensure you are getting the valid answers you need to make informed business decisions. Understanding your community members and their relationship with your brand is key to ensuring the right people are answering the right surveys, and correctly interpreting their wider needs and expectations is vital when you’re spending your valuable budget based on their opinions.... Read More