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What is an omnibus survey?

A survey that is shared by multiple clients who individually provide the questions they would like to include whilst sharing the common demographic data collected from all respondents. It is a cost effective way of reaching high numbers of interviews, with clients sharing the cost of setting up the survey and the sampling and screening costs. Space is typically sold by the question.

How does the Harris Global Omnibus work?

The Harris Global Omnibus is a global online omnibus research service that enables you to ask questions and get accurate projectable answers from a national sample of up to 2000 adults, representative of that particular population.

The Harris Global Omnibus currently runs weekly in Great Britain and fortnightly worldwide. Timings vary from country to country, however, typically:

Final Questionnaire: Monday 10am
Fieldwork Period: Tuesday to Monday for Great Britain only studies, Wednesday to Tuesday for international studies
Final Data: Wednesday for Great Britain only studies or Thursday for international studies

What kind of research can be conducted using the Harris Global Omnibus?

The Harris Global Omnibus lends itself to a variety of research needs including:
  • Public Opinion Issues
  • Awareness and Usage Studies
  • Concept Screening
  • Packaging/Ad Testing
  • Tracking Studies
  • Evaluating Product Ideas
  • Label Testing
  • Evaluating Purchase Intent
  • Incidence Testing

Our Omnibus team is here to assist you at every stage of the research process. We can also offer additional support, as well as top-line and full reporting, through our specialist research teams with in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of sectors.

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