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  • It is no surprise that the popularity of viewing competitive multiplayer video gaming is on the rise. This study is aimed to investigate the UK’s awareness and perception of eSports and the impact on brands who sponsor such events.

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  • This week, the FCA launched its Business Plan for 2018/19, setting out its priorities for the next year. In light of this, we asked the UK public to give us their views on the FCA’s initiatives.

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  • The men’s grooming industry has grown massively in recent years with retailers stocking an ever-increasing volume of grooming products for men, we were very interested to see what UK males had to say about how they think they look and what products they use and launched an omnibus survey to find out. 1,001 online interviews took place with a nationally representative population of UK males.

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  • What do UK consumers think about chatbots? Are they aware of them, do they know when they are interacting with them and even what they are? More than 1,000 UK consumers gave us their thoughts using our rapid Harris 24 online survey platform.

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  • Latest Harris 24 research explores the appeal of cruise holidays amongst millennials and what cruise companies can do to tackle barriers to cruising and attract a younger audience.

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  • Last month open banking officially began: the dawn of a revolution that will let customers take control of their financial data and cash it in for better deals. It’s been getting us in Financial Services excited for a while, but are the Great British public at all interested? Our latest research…

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