UK Film Council

(now effectively the BFI – British Film Institute) - Published Study

Steve Evans

Our reference from the client summarises the whole study:

“In 2010, the UK Film Council commissioned Harris Interactive to undertake a major national survey of diverse film audiences. The competitive tendering process attracted a high quality field of applicants and Harris Interactive was selected following interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Their impressive proposal set out a clear and rigorous method by which they would seek to research diverse film audiences whilst also contextualising their viewing behaviour and preferences with an additional nationally representative omnibus survey.”

“The initial wave of qualitative research (12 face-to-face focus groups) produced a fascinating array of rich material on the film viewing preferences of the diverse audiences groups. In the subsequent quantitative phase, Harris Interactive conducted a nationally representative survey of 2,228 interviews among adults aged 16+ using the Harris Poll GB Omnibus. In addition, a targeted online panel survey of the diverse audience groups was conducted (2,087 interviews among adults aged 18+).”

“The surveys delivered a wealth of new information on diverse audiences and we were able to compare and contrast the responses of those groups with the national population as a whole thanks to the results of the omnibus survey. The comprehensive final report, ‘Portrayal vs Betrayal: An investigation of diverse and mainstream UK film audiences’, provided a new level of understanding of the definitive drivers and barriers for diverse film audiences in the UK. The findings are being used to inform UK film development, production, distribution, exhibition and education activity by providing, for the first time, detailed information on diverse audience groups.”


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