A B2B Customer Relationship and Loyalty Programme for a Mobile Telecoms Company

We have been working with this client continuously since 2005 to track satisfaction and loyalty amongst business decision makers in all company sizes, in a competitive context, in a range of mature and emerging European markets. We complete thousands of detailed telephone interviews, in local languages, each year.

Over the years, different waves of the study (typically twice per year) have varied between full diagnostic surveys and top level KPIs tracking, depending on business needs and priorities at the time. At a top level, the study has historically focused on traditional measures such as overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend and continue to use.

More recently we have evolved the study in line with current best thinking to incorporate more emotional and intentional/forward looking aspects in order to give a more holistic, granular and business oriented view of customer relationships vs the competition (SWOT) in each market. With full diagnostics, at a number of touchpoints, this delivers a new perspective and more actionable outputs linked to business processes and outcomes.

The results are communicated to the core, central team first and followed-up by a mix of initial conference calls and then full in-person workshops with each of the country management teams involved, in their local offices. The workshops typically contain a blend of reviewing the previous wave’s key results and actions taken since then, looking at the current wave’s results with historical trends, and indentifying priorities and action planning for the next 6 months. We also look at comparisons and best practice in the different markets to see if lessons can be learned and tips taken from other markets’ activities and performance.

In the wider sense, to keep the survey evolving and adding more value, we are now proactively considering how to extend this multi-country study into new/additional emerging markets, how we might expand the scope to look at other business communications offerings and how we might blend offline and online data collection modes to help manage expansion cost-effectively.


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Tracking